That’s it, holidays are over, it’s our last destination. Two days spent in Houston with a very special atmosphere, that of our imminent return home … We’ve spent almost 1 month here, and it’s hard to consider going back home … The things I keep in mind about this trip is first, the constant heat, it was never under 37° C and often it was above 40°C. As incredible as it may seem, my body became used to the heat rather quickly and on the rare occasions when it was 30° C, I wasn’t happy, it wasn’t hot enough !! I’ll also miss our big car and also the GPS that sometimes seemed to « say » just about anything. The Sirius satellite radio that played endlessly the same songs; the Motels, Walmart, the wasps, the people … Actually, I’ll stop here, if I begin to name everything, loading this page will take too much time :D

During these 2 days, we drove around the town, spent one afternoon at the NASA, ate at the excellent japanese’s UCHI (we already checked out this restaurant in Austin). I like very much the name of the airport : « George Bush Intercontinental Airport » = the name couldn’t be more Texan ! This is the Americas, I love you, see you very soon !


Neon shirt : J Crew

Shorts : H&M

Wedges : Urban Outfitters



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