New Stuff

New stuffNew stuffNew stuff

- Jumpsuit: ASOS / Clutch: Gucci / Sunnies: Louis Vuitton -

New stuffNew stuffNew stuffNew stuff

- Top: Asos / Skirt: Asos / Magnets : Clueless Urban Outfitters -

New stuffNew stuff

- Pug Candle : Urban Outfitters / Light: Fleux / Djellaba: Agadir / Jewellery: The2Bandits -

New stuffNew stuffNew stuff

- Timberland: Urban Outfitters / Hamsa: Agadir -

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New Stuff

New stuff

Lately, I go less and less shopping for real … E-shops meet my demands and enable me to save time … So, a real little shopping session from time to time is really enjoyable ! And London is the best place for that …

- At Goodhood, I found there knitted sweaters, just PER-FECT ! The name of the brand «Maiami». So perfect that I think I’ll begin a collection of those big sweaters in assorted colors.

- At Liberty, those Nike air Revolution Sky Hi in a special edition in Liberty print.

- At & Other Stories : Wow, so many things … I had to put a stop to my shopping craving otherwise I surely would have raid the whole store ! I was pleasantly surprised, really ! A few weeks ago, I had a look around their shop in Paris and I was very disappointed, maybe because it was the end of the sales and there was nothing left … Certainly the beginning of a love story with this brand …

- These Lindt chocolates with liqueur filling, a delicious chocolat that mysteriously disappeared from the stores in France, I haven’t eaten those chocolates for at least 15 years … By the way, why couldn’t we no longer find them here ???

-A nice little box was waiting for me in my hotel room, a present from l’Artisan Parfumeur … I already know and love «Mure & Musc» and «Bois Farine» and now I discover «La Chasse aux Papillons» to my greatest pleasure ! Thank you !

New stuffNew stuffNew stuffNew stuffNew stuffNew stuffNew stuff

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Valentino studded sandals

Those shoes, ou là là, it’s a long story. I was really crazy about them last year during my photo shoot for LuisaViaRoma and then … you know what is coming next : they have been seen everywhere, they became IT shoes, then OVERDOSE shoes and finally FORGET IT shoes … I resigned myself to this fact …

Gosh, darn it, NO hahaha ! Resigned ? Me, never ! I shrewdly waited until they disappeared little by little and BAM, I took them !

What am I meant to think ? It’s like the Isabel Marant sneakers, I needed these shoes in my life, otherwise I would have regretted it bitterly. I find them wonderful and oddly enough, quite timeless. I chose to ignore their provoking image and gave in to temptation ! QED.

- Sandals : Valentino -

Valentino studded sandalsValentino studded sandals

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