Bonnes résolutions


Betty Autier

That’s it, it’s now time to make one’s New Year’s Resolution ! Mine ?

– Finish setting up my wardrobe and show it to you (level of reliability of achievement 95%)

– Stop drinking 2 liters of tea a day because I always have to go to the toilet (level of reliability 30%)

– Buy a blender to make tasty smoothies and soups ! (level of reliability 85%)

– Apply moisturizer on my hands every morning (level of reliability 3%).

What about yours ? Can you keep them ?

Betty AutierBetty AutierBetty AutierBetty AutierBetty AutierBetty Autier

Hat : Tomstone / Jacket : FreePeople / Jumper: Acne / Skinny : Sandro / Boots : Deena & Ozzy / Bag : Betty x Lancaster


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